What is Highly Judgmental?

Highly Judgmental is a sports podcast that discusses the top stories across the NFL, College Sports, MLB, NHL, NBA and many other sports. No sport is truly off limits for a discussion from us. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Simply touching on the latest and breaking news as well as some full on discussions with topics that need some explanation, the hosts are not afraid to share their opinion no matter how unpopular.

Who are the hosts?




Robert is our creator who also happens to be a super fan of sports. Robert has a wide range of knowledge across NFL, NBA, MLB and NCAA sports as well as being and athlete himself in the past. With some amateur experience with broadcasting, having run a Twitch and Youtube channel, he decided to take his efforts and form a podcast with a friend.



Sports Co-Host

Devon, our youngest member, is all over our sports coverage. An athlete himself, you can't let the youth fool you. He's extremely knowledgeable in the realm of the 3 main sports, NFL, NBA, MLB. Ready to bust out the stats and give his strong opinion he joins us to give a fresh perspective. With bundles of knowledge, insight, predictions, and opinions he fulfills the podcasts sports episodes marvelously. 

Both hosts are Ohio natives and super fans of all Cleveland sports teams

Questions for the hosts?
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